Travel India For Medical Treatment

Travel India For Medical Treatment

Surcation® LLC is the most sought after destination for your medical travel plans.


We are partnered with the best hospitals and medical facilities around the world. Our company motto is to make treatments affordable for our patients. Its American company, we are accredited by JCI and are a member of MTA. We facilitate your whole medical travel experience at almost 1/3rd the cost as compared to your home nation expenditure. With Surcation®, you can be rest assured of your food, accommodation and treatment along with medical expenditure. We do ticket bookings and give you the best medical practitioners affiliated with best hospital at the destination of your choice.

One of the fastest growing economies country in the world-India

India is the cultural capital of the world, people from all walks of life visit this amazing location not only to get treatments but also learning its cultural heritage. India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and is a super force to reckon on. It has better medical facilities and best doctors to be treated from. Surcation® LLC takes care of all your travels plans and customizes each package according to your requirements. You decide the destination, location, place and time that you want to go for your treatment and the vacation. We always aim at giving high quality service, as we are a member of MTA and wish to give best treatments to our patients at best possible rates.

Our destination program manager will be assigned to you once you confirm your travel with Surcation®.
We do all exercises for you right from booking your flight tickets, to hotel bookings, setting appointments with doctors, treatment expenditures, medication, travel and stay. You need to just pack your bags and head to the destination of your choice. Medical Tourism is gaining too much popularity because of the benefits that it provides with reasonable fees and fun and relaxed time with families what can you expect more? Medical tour rejuvenates your mind and gets you treatment reliably with a good resource. Medical tourism is aimed at maintaining quality service while the patient post-treatment can enjoy his vacation with his family and friends.

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