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Thailand A Top Pick For Medical Travel Here’s Why? Thailand, located in Southeast Asia is not just a tourism hub offering an array of beautiful sights, beaches and historical places, but is also home to pocket-friendly medical services. As one of the leading countries for medical tourism, Thailand sees over a million people from around

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The Pros And Cons Of Medical Travel Company Mexico Medical tourism, also known as health and wellness tourism, is a flourishing industry where patients of one region travel to other areas of the world where healthcare services are more cost-effective and beneficial than their country. For examples, hepatitis C patients in developed nations, like the

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Latin America- Best And Reliable Choices For Medical Treatments Latin America is one of the best and reliable choices for medical treatments especially for cosmetic and dental surgery. If you are looking for medical vacation then Surcation® is sure sought after destination for your medical travel where you can travel with your family and also

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What’s Booming Health And Wellness in India The whole world is aware of India’s effective and the best medical services. In the most recent times, the South Asian country has seen a rapid grow in the medical sector. What’s behind this growth in the country’s medical sector? Here’re some of the reasons: The obvious reason

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Importance And Advantages of Health Tourism In India The growing sector of India, health tourism, or say medical tourism, is estimated to grow more in the future, thanks to its reduced medical costs and international quality standards. The prime reason behind the booming sector in the nation is cost-effectiveness and availability of treatments. A last

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Visit India For Affordable Medical Treatments Medical Treatment in the West Despite breakthroughs in medicine by the U.S. and various other western countries, there is no respite for the common man who has to spend a major portion of his savings on treatments and drugs for various ailments. Therefore, travelling to another country to get

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India, Highly Preferred Destination For Medical Outsourcing When it comes to medical outsourcing, India is one of the most preferred destinations. Every nation wants to provide the best possible health care facilities to its citizens at least possible rates. But, you can’t expect this to happen if we talk about hepatitis C drugs like Harvoni®.

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Stuck By Hepatitis C? Sought an Affordable Treatment Overseas Hepatitis C (HCV) is a rising healthcare threat to people all over the world. This blood-borne virus causes inflammation and injury to the liver and can be caused by various reasons such as alcohol abuse, expose to viruses including hepatitis A, B, or C virus, overuse