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Hepatitis C Aid South America

Hepatitis C is a chronic liver illness and is caused by HCV virus.   Almost 3.5 million people suffer from this deadly viral disease in the US alone. It’s a blood-transmitted disease and there can be cases of acute and chronic liver diseases. Almost, 70 to 80% of people with the disease do not find

Medical travel for Hepatitis C treatment South America

Who To Choose During Medical Travel For Hepatitis C Treatment South America   South America is among the prime targets of hepatitis C. Every year, the continent’s populous countries like Brazil, Guyana, Argentina and other receive reports of many people getting infected with the disease. Although, there’s treatment to cure the disease, healthcare and drug

Health and wellness tourism USA

How To Find The Best Services of Health And Wellness Tourism In USA   Despite being a developed nation, the US provides various healthcare services to its residents at high prices. In addition to that, drug prices in the country are also high which has made treatment of deadly diseases like hepatitis C very expensive.

Medical tourism facilitator USA

How To Find The Best Medical Tourism Facilitator in USA Being a developed nation, the US has been making efforts to provide the best sources to its people so that they could have a happy life, but when it’s about treatments of patients with various diseases and medical conditions, the country of 50 states lacks

Old age homes Mexico

How Old Age Homes In Mexico Can Get The Best Medical Tourism Services   Like many people in developed nations who live on fixed incomes and aren’t able to afford high-cost treatments, several old individuals in Mexico seek help from across borders in the form of medical tourism. Countries like India, Singapore and Thailand whose