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Senior living homes Mexico

Benefits of living homes for seniors in Mexico   Old and retired individuals who are out of the job market face lots of problems when they are diagnosed with disease or are shunned by family members. Rising cost of medical expenses in US has blown a hole in the pocket of the people. They are

HCV treatment North America

How to beat the inflationary cost of HCV in North America?   When Harvoni® hit the market couple of years ago, it captured the attention of the people. Not only the medication is well tested and tried, it is known to cure the disease within 12 weeks. As far as the side effects are concerned,

HCV treatment South America

HCV treatment South America – Offering effective treatment for hepatitis C   There are various options for the people to get treatment from Hepatitis C. Either they can stay in the US and spend astronomical sums of money or get away and look for other destinations around the world. In both cases, Harvoni® is the

HCV treatment Latin America

Why are Hepatitis C patients flocking to Latin America?   US are one of the major sources of Hepatitis C patients. In spite of a well-developed medical system, people are still yearning for treatment that has become very expensive over a period of time. People have to shell out in excess of 100,000$ to get

Harvoni® Cure USA

USA – HOW HARVONI® IS USED   Generic Harvoni® is an antiviral medicine prescribed by physicians as a cure and treatment for Hepatitis C genotype 1. It is a drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States for the cure of HCV. It is a combination of two ingredients ledipasvir and