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How the treatment of Hepatitis C has gone south?   The advent of Harvoni® medication is a boon for the people suffering from the clutches of Hepatitis C. What more, the magical drug boosts the immune system and doesn’t allow the infection to interfere with the parameters of the liver. People who do not pay

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USA – HOW HARVONI® IS USED   Generic Harvoni® is an antiviral medicine prescribed by physicians as a cure and treatment for Hepatitis C genotype 1. It is a drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States for the cure of HCV. It is a combination of two ingredients ledipasvir and

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THAILAND – THE DESTINATION FOR CURE OF HEPATITIS C   Hepatitis C is a blood borne viral disease that affects the liver mainly. Signs and symptoms of the disease are visible but may appear immediately; or after the ailment have affected the system severely. It differs in different people. This disease can only be prevented