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Harvoni: Everything About The Medication You Should Know

Harvoni®, widely known as an effective medication to treat Hepatitis C, has been approved in many regions of the globe to provide relief to patients of Hepatitis C; a serious infection of liver. The medication is a combination of two drugs- ledipasvir and sofosbuvir- that have been mixed together into a single pill. Patients of

Side Effects Of Hepatitis C Treatment

Side Effects Of Hepatitis C treatment / medicines Hepatitis C is neither permanent nor fatal. If the right line of treatment if followed at the right time, you can have a good control over this health condition which is also important to be done as Hepatitis C can cause life altering damages to your liver

Surviving Hepatitis C together – A tale to remember

I would like to introduce our company to the many Hepatitis C sufferers who don’t have the insurance or time to deal with the constant delays of their insurance company. About 8 years ago, we discovered that my wife “Kim” had Hep C. There was no miracle cure and our only chance was to try

What is Harvoni®

HARVONI® – ALL ONE NEEDS TO KNOW   Hepatitis C is an infection in the liver caused by the presence of the virus called HCV or hepatitis C virus. Just as there are different blood groups, this disease is also categorized into genotypes numbered from 1 through 6. According to statistics, about 75% of the