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What is Harvoni?

HARVONI® – ALL ONE NEEDS TO KNOW   Hepatitis C is an infection in the liver caused by the presence of the virus called HCV or hepatitis C virus. Just as there are different blood groups, this disease is also categorized into genotypes numbered from 1 through 6. According to statistics, about 75% of the

Harvoni® on Discount India

India: an Emerging Destination for medical Care Today, India is the house of medical science and treatment. One of the main reasons for considering medical tourism in India is because of its high-class medical studies which benefited India with tons of successful and miracle making doctors. People all over the globe consider India for medical

Harvoni® Uses and Dosage USA

USAGE AND DOSAGE OF HARVONI®   Hepatitis C is a deadly liver disease that is caused by viral infections that cause damage to the liver. They are characterized as genotypes based on the type of infection. There are 6 genotypes numbered from 1 to 6. If the affected patient’s HCV type is genotype 1, 4,

Harvoni® Side Effects USA

THE POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS OF HARVONI® – THE HCV CURE   Harvoni® is the drug that is being prescribed by many specialist physicians as the cure for the deadly liver disease hepatitis C. This is a viral infection which affects the liver. This drug is a patented trade mark of the Gilead Sciences Inc. This