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Act Smart, Buy Generic Harvoni® From India Harvoni® ‘The Magical Drug’ sofosbuvir / ledipasvir (Harvoni®) is a latest medicine approved for the treatment of patients suffering from genotype 1 and 4 chronic hepatitis C. It is the first FDA-approved scheme that doctors can prescribe in the absence of treatment with ribavirin or interferon. According to

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India- The best place for medical Tourism Though India is still a developing country, according to the UN council, the country is loaded with many specialty and super-specialty clinics which can provide you with excellent medical treatment at an affordable price. Good treatment at low cost is one of the reasons why India is sitting

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India: an Emerging Destination for medical Care Today, India is the house of medical science and treatment. One of the main reasons for considering medical tourism in India is because of its high-class medical studies which benefited India with tons of successful and miracle making doctors. People all over the globe consider India for medical

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Why are Harvoni® medicines so popular? With the arrival of Harvoni® medications, patients can finally bid adieu to the disease of hepatitis C. According to the experts, people do not need to consume other types of medicines along with the wonder drug. In past, users were forced to take interferon that causes side effects more