Surviving Hepatitis C together – A tale to remember

Surviving Hepatitis C together – A tale to remember

I would like to introduce our company to the many Hepatitis C sufferers who don’t have the insurance or time to deal with the constant delays of their insurance company. About 8 years ago, we discovered that my wife “Kim” had Hep C.

There was no miracle cure and our only chance was to try Interferon, the side effects were unbelievable and almost indescribable. I was giving her weekly shots into her abdomen in hopes of a 40 to 50% cure. We got lucky and the Interferon worked. Last year when I found out about Harvoni I thought what a God Send. It truly is a miracle drug and will save thousands of lives. Then we learned of the extremely excessive cost, barring the majority of people from ever having the opportunity for a final cure.

Now enter, we started Surgical Vacation over 3 years ago, but only dealt with orthopedics and cosmetics. Then people started contacting us about Harvoni prices, and was there any way we could assist them. It was through Greg Jefferys that we first learned of the Harvoni option in India. Thanks to Greg we were determined to help those willing to travel and obtain the generic Harvoni drug in India.

First, we travelled to Mumbai India and met with Hepatology Physicians and hospital groups to be assured that the American patients traveling there would get the finest care including prescriptions and medication needed to cure their Hep C. Then we set up hotels and guided transportation to take the patients to and from the airport, hotel, physician and back. Mumbai is what we like to call a “Medical Adventure”. The people were so courteous and friendly speaking English while helping us in anyway they could. But, traffic in Mumbai is something to behold, that is why we had to schedule transportation for visitors to this amazing city of 22 million people.

Our medical tour is for seven days. There are so many historical sites to visit and the food is fabulous.

The goal of is to assist as many Americans as possible to be free of Hep C without insurance delays and excuses. The medical trip including medication and RT airfare is still a savings of over 90% from the prescriptive price in the United States.

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