Medical Wellness India

Medical Wellness India

Medical Wellness Tourism: A Growing Sector In India

India is among the countries developing and growing at a very fast pace in all fields. A huge number of people across the world are suffering from different medical conditions, cure of many of which is very expensive even in the developed countries like the US. One such example is Harvoni®, a drug carrying over 90% cure rate for people suffering from hepatitis C. But, alas the drug carries a huge price tag, which is nearly unaffordable for lots of people.

Onset of Medical Tourism

In cases like these, medical tourism steps in. Medical wellness of the citizens is the top most priority of all governments but it takes much more than a desire. In the medical tourism practice, patients travel across international borders to avail healthcare services at cheap rates. Surcation® is one of the companies offering best medical tourism packages.

Medical Wellness India

The evolution of the industry of medical wellness in India has taken place at a very fast pace from its nascent unstructured start in the early 1990s to a widespread ecosystem now.

  • India holds a top spot, and is highly preferred as a medical tourism destination because of numerous factors, including well experienced Indian doctors and surgeons with training and experience of the medical institutions in countries such as the US, Europe, etc.
  • In India, most doctors and nurses are fluent in English, and many Indian hospitals possess medical and diagnostic equipment from global international conglomerates.

All such things make India a premium healthcare and wellness destination, offering world class treatment at competitive rates. Besides, this country is the spiritual capital of the world.

Medical wellness in India is comprised of numerous practices such as ayurveda, yoga, meditation, music therapy, homeopathy, naturopathy, aroma therapy, pranic healing and reiki. With an inclination towards such practices, India is famous as a country where yoga and meditation are a way of life.
Presently, India receives medical tourists from worldwide, wherein the traffic from developing and underdeveloped nations holds the main part of the pie. Some of the main medical tourism destinations in India are New Delhi, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Maharashtra.

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