Medical Travel India

Medical Travel India

Visit India For Affordable Medical Treatments

Medical Treatment in the West
Despite breakthroughs in medicine by the U.S. and various other western countries, there is no respite for the common man who has to spend a major portion of his savings on treatments and drugs for various ailments. Therefore, travelling to another country to get the same treatment at a lesser price, and thereby saving additional expenses is a more viable option.

Medical Treatment in India

India is one such country in the east which offers various medical treatments at a much lesser price than that offered by its counterparts in the west. The Generic Harvoni® is one such drug for the treatment of Hepatitis C virus (HCV) and is available only in India at a much lesser price than the drug’s branded counterparts. This has enabled people from all over the world to visit India and get the required drugs and treatments at a cheaper rate, thereby augmenting medical travel India receives. The spiritual facets of India add to its affordable provisions, making it the perfect host for medical treatments. Moreover, while getting treated, one can visit the various tourist places and rejuvenate in this spiritual capital of the world for a faster and soother recovery.

Recommended Tourism Company

Those who plan to travel to India to get various treatments are advised to get the services of a company which deals with medical tourism. Surcation® is one such company which offers a 7-day package including flight tickets, transport, accommodation, and various hospital bills. They partner with JCI accredited doctors and hospitals, thereby ensuring quality treatment. While the cost of treatment for HCV is around $95,000 in other countries, Surcation® offers the same treatment at as low as $5,200 which is a great deal. Since everyone needs a familial support during such a time, Surcation® takes care of this factor and offers a deal of just $6,400 if your spouse accompanies you. Therefore, one can save as much as 70% of the original expenses through such a medical travel service.

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