Medical travel for Hepatitis C treatment USA

Medical travel for Hepatitis C treatment USA

What Makes Medical Travel Necessary For Hepatitis C Treatment USA


Being a serious disease, hepatitis C infects around 17,000 Americans every year. As per official figure, more than three million US people are dealing with an active chronic hepatitis C infection. The only effective way to treat the infection is through medicines, whose prices are continuously rising in the country, and it is becoming very difficult for a low-income patient to afford the treatment. Such people are left with one way: medical travel for hepatitis C treatment USA. There’re medical tourism companies which allow patients to travel countries where healthcare cost is lower than the US.

Where Hepatitis C patients should go?


As hepatitis C treatment is extremely expensive in the US, patients could choose a place where all resources are available at cost-effective prices. When it is about the best place to treat the infection, no one can match the inexpensive and quality treatments provided by India.
Additionally, India is the only country licensed to manufacture generic version of Harvoni®, the drug used to treat the infection. The South Asian country has several pharmaceutical companies which are well-known for manufacturing effective drugs to treat hepatitis C.
In addition to that, the nation’s experienced doctors in the arena and high-quality equipments at affordable prices allow hep c patients to get treatment without any trouble.

How to reach India?


To avoid problems during a medical trip to India, a patient must choose services of a health tourism company, like Surcation®. The company offering services of medical travel for hepatitis C treatment USA also manages everything related to the trip, including tickets, hotel booking, meeting a doctor providing hepatitis C treatment and getting all the essential medicine. The company registered with the Medical Tourism Association ensures that the patient is getting quality treatment from an expert at cost-effective prices.

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