Medical travel for Hepatitis C treatment South East Asia

Medical travel for Hepatitis C treatment South East Asia

Travel To Southeast Asia For An Affordable Treatment Of Hepatitis C Virus

Medical tourism is a massive industry globally, with Southeast Asia being the industry’s hotspot. Nearly a third of the 11 million consumers of medical tourism are estimated to be travelling to Southeast Asia for various medical procedures. The conventional reasons which stimulate people from other countries to travel to Southeast Asian countries for healthcare include affordable cost of treatment, affordable travel, shorter waiting time for procedures, and so on.


It has been difficult for governments to provide access to Hepatitis C treatment at a large scale owing to the high prices of the new medicines. The Malaysian government, on the other hand, has introduced the treatment at affordableer rates. Egyptian drug manufacturer Pharco Pharmaceuticals and the non-profit Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi) signed agreements regarding clinical testing and scale-up of a Hepatitis C treatment regimen at an affordable price of just US$300 (RM1,166) compared to the current US$40,000 treatment (RM155,442) using the original drug brand. This has made Malaysia a preferred choice for undertaking the treatment for Hepatitis C.


Pharco Pharmaceuticals, the largest manufacturer of pharmaceuticals in Egypt, and DNDi have signed the agreement of providing an affordable cure for this deadly disease in Thailand as well. The commercial price of the medicine is estimated to be mere $294, which is much affordableer than that provided in other western countries. Merck have also signed a formal agreement with the Thai government, after which the government decided to include PEG-IFN and ribavirin on the National Essential Drugs List in 2012 so that they can be provided free of cost under Thailand’s universal health care coverage scheme.


India is the only country with the license of manufacturing Generic Harvoni®, which is a drug used for treating Hepatitis C virus (HCV). The generic version of the medicine is available at a much more affordable rate than it is found in other countries under different brands. Another medicine, Hepcvir L, is also provided by the country for relieving people with genotype 1 Hepatitis C virus. A bottke of this Ledipasvir -Sofosbuvir oral combination drug costs just about Rs. 25,000, making it an affordable option.

These factors have motivated people to undertake medical travel for Hepatitis C treatment in South East Asia than in other countries that offer the treatment at higher costs. Getting the services of a medical tourism company like Surcation® would be a wise option to ensure a fulfilling and cost effective treatment in beautiful and relaxing locales.

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