Medical travel for Hepatitis C treatment Mexico

Medical travel for Hepatitis C treatment Mexico

Expensive Hepatitis C Treatment In Mexico Encouraging Medical Travel


Hepatitis c is found across the world, with many countries offering the cure of this liver disease at very expensive rates. Harvoni® is the latest hepatitis c drug with over 90% cure rate, but unfortunately its cost is a huge problem. For standard 12-week treatment, Harvoni® carries a price tag of $94,500, which makes it among the costliest medicines worldwide. The costing of this drug varies country to country. Different countries offer the treatment at different rates. Here are some countries and the drug’s varying price tags: US ($94,500), Canada ($80,000), Germany (48,000€), Egypt ($1200), the UK (£39,000), and India ($900).

Expensive Harvoni® is a major issue for Mexicans as most of the people suffering from this disease can’t afford the treatment. But, the medical tourism has changed this painful scenario to an extent. People have started choosing medical travel for hepatitis c treatment Mexico. With the assistance of a good medical tourism company, patients have started moving to countries like India, which offer the same treatment at quite affordable rates. This way, people not just get to enjoy a vacation packed with beautiful sightseeing but also attain the costly treatment at cheaper rates.

Why Choose India for Harvoni® :

Gilead Sciences, the pharmaceutical giant that launched the quite effective yet expensive hepatitis c drug treated India as a special case, due to which the Indian government negotiated a deal with the company to produce Sovaldi at $300 per bottle and $900 for 12 weeks course. The deal made the treatment cost only 1% of its price tag in the US. Availability of Harvoni at such cheaper rates in India encourages Mexicans to opt for medical travel for hepatitis c treatment Mexico.

Pick Surcation®, Here’s Why

Choose a good medical travel company such as Surcation® to get the best packages. Surcation® works with an aim to take healthcare to the next level while making sure there is no compromise in healthcare quality and the costing is affordable. The company works with American (JCI) accredited hospitals and clinics, and is associated with best doctors, specialists in the most preferred tourism destinations worldwide.

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