Medical travel for Hepatitis C treatment Latin America

Medical travel for Hepatitis C treatment Latin America

Latin America Citizens Choosing Medical Travel For Life-Saving Hepatitis C Drug

In the present era, hepatitis c treatments have become shorter and quite effective than in the past. But, many countries worldwide are offering hepatitis c cure at skyrocketing prices. In the presence of places which offer the same cure at quite affordableer rates, patients have started choosing medical tourism. Low healthcare costing is the main motivation behind medical tourism. In the form of medical tourism, patients often get a chance to be a part of an inexpensive vacation in a cross border place while visiting for health care.

Medical travel for hepatitis C treatment Latin America

has gained a lot of popularity with hepatitis C patients traveling to different countries to avail affordable treatments. They opt for Indian health care system for a new, life-saving drug known as Sovaldi. Such a concept of traveling to cross borders to buy drugs has become very common now.
People in America have been heading to top medical tourism destinations for long to buy lower-cost medicine, but the case with hepatitis C drug is very different. Latin America is facing a scenario wherein a pill so effective in treating an infectious disease has become very hard to obtain. Sovaldi’s skyrocketing price is the main thing hindering patients from availing the drug countrywide. The 12-week course of the hepatitis-C drug costs US$84,000 equivalent to US$1,000 per day.
This high price tag makes patients at Latin America choose the various generic drug makers who have the license to make and sell copies of Sovaldi in 91 lower-income countries. India sells the 12-week regimen for nearly US$900, which is far affordableer than US$83,100 in America.
Now, more and more hepatitis c sufferers have become medical tourists. They have found a way to purchase quite affordableer versions of Sovaldi, available in some countries for 1% of the price that the drug’s manufacturer charges in their home country.

Find Solution With Surcation®

For any help related to medical travel for hepatitis c treatment Latin America, choose Surcation®, a certified medical tourism company, which is registered with the Medical Tourism Association or MTA. The company offers a week long package, including a round trip flight from various places, including Latin America, USA, or Canada to India. The company also offers 84-day supply of either Sofosbuvir and Ledipasvir or Sofosbuvir and Daclatasvir (with prescription), which depends on patient’s genotype of hepatitis c.

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