Medical travel for Hepatitis C treatment Europe

Medical travel for Hepatitis C treatment Europe

How European Patients Could Use Medical Travel For Hepatitis C Treatment

Every nation, whether it’s developed or developing, is trying to provide the most effective medical services to completely eradicate the deadly hepatitis C. Despite existence of effective medicines, many developed nations are struggling to provide access to them, thanks to high price of the drug.

Hepatitis C Treatment Europe

A recent WHO report showed that Europe has a population of more than five million with hepatitis C. It also suggested that about one in every 50 adults have chronic HCV. From last more than two decades, health experts have worked very hard to reduce the incidence of the disease, and they tasted success in that. But the problem is that still many sufferers in Europe are avoiding treatment of the disease because of the high prices of the drugs in the region. As per estimates, standard 12-week treatment of Harvoni®, treatment for Hepatitis C, cost around less than 50,000€ in the most part of Europe.

What hepatitis C patients in Europe should do?

It could be difficult for many patients of hepatitis c to spend a huge amount on the treatment and drugs, so they could go with an option called ‘health tourism’. Many registered companies help patients reach the places where it is easy to treat the disease. One such place is South Asian country India. Today, the country has become a hub of medical arena. In additions to effective treatment, the country offers less pricey Harvoni® medicines to the sufferers of hepatitis c.

Which company to choose for Medical travel for Hepatitis C treatment Europe

Seeing the increasing demand of medical tourism, many companies have been providing the services in Europe. But patients should choose a company registered with the Medical Tourism Association. Surcation® is one such health tourism company which has been offering cost-effective health travel services to the patients of hepatitis c.

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