Medical travel for Hepatitis C treatment Eastern Asia

Medical travel for Hepatitis C treatment Eastern Asia

Taiwan: A Booming Healthcare Industry For Hepatitis C Treatment

Medical travel is becoming a booming industry in various countries, especially in Eastern Asia owing to the affordable and quality health services offered by them. These countries include Taiwan, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Macao, North and South Korea, and Mongolia. For Hepatitis C treatment, Taiwan is rising to be a preferable destination for people from the western countries owing to the various recent developments in its healthcare industry.

Healthcare in Taiwan

The government of Taiwan has decided to implement a health plan wherein the National Health Insurance (NHI) program would fully cover the oral drug treatments for Hepatitis C in an effort to make the treatment affordable for patients. Despite opposition from various private hospitals and clinics which claim that the program would dilute NHI funding and squeeze their profits, the health ministry has decided to implement the plan. Abbie, and Bristol-Myers, and Gilead Sciences are the only three licensed suppliers of Hepatitis C oral drugs in Taiwan and to help implement the program, the former two have agreed to lower their prices from NT$850,000 and NT$400,000 respectively to NT$250,000. These developments and efforts by Taiwan to tackle the widespread disease have made the country suitable for patients from other countries as well looking for medical travel for Hepatitis C treatment in Eastern Asia.

Medical tourism aspect of Taiwan

You can turn your medical travel to another country such as Taiwan into a fulfilling and memorable experience through the services of a medical tourism company. Such a company combines the concerned medical treatment with an enjoyable vacation. You can thus explore the rich culture, traditions, and heritage of Taiwan while utilizing its impressive and state-of-the-art medical services which have been attracting health tourists from western countries as well as from Mainland China every year. Surcation® is one such medical tourism company which provides its services in Taiwan. If you are planning to visit Taiwan for an affordable treatment for Hepatitis C or any other treatment, you can get all your medical expenses taken care of by them at an affordable price combined with a memorable experience.

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