Medical travel for Hep C India

Medical travel for Hep C India

Medical Travel To India For Hep C: Why Not To Buy Hepatitis C Drugs Online


Undoubtedly, hepatitis C is a deadly infection and should be treated as soon as possible. As developed countries, like the US, offer hep C treatment at high rates, and prices of Harvoni® are also skyrocketing there, patients are left with a choice of purchasing medicines from other sources. In technology-friendly world, it is easy to purchase something without moving an inch from the home, thanks to online shopping. Even, one can buy medicines from online stores, but when it is about treating a disease like hepatitis C, it’s a wise move to ditch technology and go with an option ‘medical travel for Hep C India’.

Here’re few reasons to choose medical tour to India over just ordering hep C drugs online:

  • In nations, like the US and the UK, prices of Harvoni® are very high, but in India, they’re exceptionally low. For examples, in the US, standard 12-week treatment could cost $94,500, while in India, the cost could drop to just $1,000. Online stores do not have such offers.
  • It’s not legal to sell hep C drugs without a doctor’s recommendation. To get the effective treatment, it’s better to visit India, meet an expert on hep C and buy drugs at affordable rates.
  • It’s easy to reach India. A registered health tourism company, like Sucation®, allows patients to use its services to reach the South Asian country. The company also helps patients in finding a suitable doctor to treat the disease.
  • Online stores could not be trusted to provide the effective medicine.
  • Most of the online stores claiming to provide the drugs could be fake, or may charge a huge amount for the medicines. So, it’s better to choose medical travel for Hep C India than going with an online store.

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