Medical tours India

Medical tours India

Medical Tourism: Things To Know About Medical Tours To India

When it is about ruling the medical sector, or attracting patients from all around the globe, India is a huge magnet. Medical tourism is on the rise in the South Asian nation, and it is estimated that by 2016, the number of medical tourists in the country could reach to a whopping figure of 5 million. A report even suggested that the country’s medical tourism sector will touch $8 billion by 2020, thanks to costly healthcare services in developed nations.

Here are some things you should know about Medical Tours India:

India is the best place to treat hepatitis C

Although the South Asian country isn’t the only place which offers effective hepatitis C treatments, it is among those few regions where Harvoni® could be purchased at lower prices than Hepatitis C drugs price in developed nations. In addition to that, India is the only nation which has been allowed to manufacture generic Harvoni®. From experienced doctors, advanced medical tools to cost-effective medicines, India has everything to attract a tourist.

Economic reasons are behind most medical tours India

It’s easy to get an effective treatment in India at low prices. For example, price of a heart bypass procedure in the US is around $140,000. If a patient comes to India for the same procedure, it will cost just around $7,000, that too in leading surgery centers of the country. Apart from heart bypass, several other procedures are less pricey is India than in the US. In additions, health tourism companies, such as Surcation®, provide easy-to-use services to patients that take them to India without any problem.

Medical tourism to boom more in near Future

Today, India’s medical tourism market is estimated to be valued at $ 4 billion, and it is speculated that in near future, it will have a great time. By 2020, the sector is expected to touch $8 billion.

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