Medical tourism USA

Medical tourism USA

Medical Tourism USA: Why Americans Choosing Medical Treatment Abroad

The medical travel industry of the US has seen a notable change in recent few years when thousands of Americans travel to other regions of the world for medical treatment. A report on medical tourism in 2013 showed that around 75,000 people in America chose India to treat their disease.

What’s changing medical tourism USA?

Does thing change in medical tourism industry mean unavailability to medical sources and treatment in the US? No, the real reason is high healthcare cost. Numerous recent studies have highlighted the skyrocketing drug prices in the US and other developed nations which have left patients without any option other than opting out foreign countries with low treatment costs. For examples, if a hepatitis C patient is seeking an alternative treatment, India is the best available option. Many people with the disease are travelling to India in search of better treatment at affordable rates.
Low treatment cost abroad
For most patients, getting medical treatment at low prices is the major benefit of medical tourism USA. Experts say that healthcare costs in the US are higher than the combined cost of a patient’s travel to a foreign location and price of medical treatment. For example, Harvoni® costs around $94,500 in the US, while in India, the standard 12-week treatment costs just around $1,000.

Beneficial services of medical tourism providers

The US has several medical tourism companies that have been helping patients seeking healthcare services in foreign locations. A registered company, like Surcation®, not just helps patients find a suitable hospital or a doctor abroad, but also manages their hectic works, like booking flight, hotel stay and all other major things. A medical tourism providing company also helps patient search an alternative treatment abroad, so that one could have beneficial services at low prices.

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