Medical tourism Thailand

Medical tourism Thailand

What’s Behind The Rise Of Medical Tourism In Thailand And Why Patients Should Go There?

In addition to being home to tropical beaches, royal structures and renowned Buddhist Heritage, Thailand is a well-known and cost-effective medical tourism destination. Since several years, it has been a popular vacation spot, but currently, the Southeast Asian country is also seeing a rise in its medical tourism arena, thanks to the reputation it has gained for providing high-quality and reliable services to patients coming from various regions of the globe.

Here’re some reasons why people worldwide are crossing international borders to avail the services of medical tourism Thailand:


  • Along with medical sector’s renowned Asian players, like India and Singapore, Thailand rules around 90% medical tourism sector of the continent.
  • Healthcare costs in the ‘Land of Smiles’ is less than many developed countries where cost of medical services, like surgery and medicines, is mounting.
  • The nation has some of the best medical tourism destinations around the world that offer a gamut of treatments to people on medical tour.
  • From various surgeries to dental treatments, many hospitals and expert doctors in Thailand treat patients with latest technology instruments.
  • Some medical services in the country may cost around one-tenth of the price it could take in developed nations, like the US and the UK.
  • Patients could club their medical tourism Thailand with sight-seeing. Thailand has breath-taking landscapes, tropical beaches and ancient ruins.
  • Considering the financial terms, the country’s medical tourism is growing at a rate of around 16% every year.

How to Plan A Medial Tour


Although travelling to a foreign location for treatment seems hectic, it could be trouble-free by choosing a medical tourism company, like Surcation®. Such a company manages all kinds of travel problems, such as ticket booking, hotel stay and meeting with a doctor. In addition to that, the medical tourism company also makes sure that the client is getting the best treatment at affordable rates.

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