Medical tourism Europe

Medical tourism Europe

Europe Becoming A Big Destination For Medical Tourism

If Asia has become the leading hub for medical tourism, Europe is also picking up to stay in the race of major health tourism areas around the world where patients can get beneficial and cost-effective alternative treatments. Reports show that in the last one decade, medical tourism Europe has grown tremendously, thanks to inexpensive flights, easy regulations and registered health travel companies helping patient find alternative treatments in Europe. With time, the medical market is growing in the continent and attracting patients from countries like the UK, Germany, Austria and many others.
Reports also disclosed that central Europe has seen an impressive boom in the medical tourism in past few years, and members of EU, like Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary, are attracting lots of US residents and Canadians. Equipped medical facilities, supported by funding from EU, are the main reason many Americans are ditching treatments in the US.

It’s not easy to estimate the European regions offering cost-effective medical services, but experts say a country enjoying the current condition of medical tourism Europe is Poland, which is getting the largest portion of funds from EU.

Many in the US are choosing Europe over Asia when it is about health travel, and the main reason behind it is Europe being closer to them than Asia. It’s easy to reach there, ticket prices are low and many medical tourism companies offer their services in the region.

A registered medical company, like Surcation®, helps patient find the most suitable destination. Such a service provider makes sure that the patient is getting affordable treatment at cost-effective prices. It will have contacts with hospitals and doctors at the destination providing efficient treatment services. In addition to that, the company also takes care of the person travelling with the patient during a medical tour.

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