Medical Outsourcing India

Medical Outsourcing India

India, Highly Preferred Destination For Medical Outsourcing

When it comes to medical outsourcing, India is one of the most preferred destinations. Every nation wants to provide the best possible health care facilities to its citizens at least possible rates. But, you can’t expect this to happen if we talk about hepatitis C drugs like Harvoni®.
As per the World Health Organisation, nearly all of the developed countries spent around over 10% of their GDP on health care in 2013, with the US spending the most at 17.1% in comparison to developing countries falling in the range of 3% to 8%. The same year, India shelled out around 4% of its GDP on health care.
Amid such tough scenarios where essential treatments are costing way too much for an individual to afford, health care industry has lately taken medical outsourcing into consideration as an option to slash costs and bring treatments, drugs in reach of the common people. Medical outsourcing India has seen an unmatchable rise amid such circumstances.

Why Medical Outsourcing India?


  • India is a main global outsourcing destination because of various factors, including its huge English speaking population, large numbers of graduates and post graduates in different streams, and low cost base.
  • Moreover, in India, the cost of numerous essential drugs is less. It is basically the pharmaceutical capital of the world and the sole nation that possesses the license to manufacture generic version of Harvoni®, a drug with over 90% cure rate for Hepatitis C.
  • India is beautiful, vibrant and apt destination if you consider Hepatitis C medical tourism. In the medicine industry, outsourcing from India is a big hit.
  • If we talk about Indian healthcare services providers, they are equipped with the latest software, technology, and healthcare and are well aware of delivering services on par with international healthcare standards.

Overall, India is one of the numbered countries, conducting healthcare outsourcing services while offering best quality that too at quite reasonable rates.

How To Avail Benefits Of Medical Outsourcing India?

Although, India is among the most preferred countries when it is about medical outsourcing, it is not easy for patients to reach the South Asian country, find a suitable hospital or doctor and purchase inexpensive drugs. Other problems that they may face there are: ticket booking, hotel booking and arrangement for the individual travelling with the patient. During a medical tour, a patient’s focus should be treatment, but these issues may affect the treatment process and the patient may have a bad travel experience.

How To Cope With The Issue?

Patients looking for the best of medical outsourcing in India should find an intermediate between them and cost-effective medical services in the South Asian nation. Although it’s not difficult to find such an intermediate, patients should look for ones that are not just with cost-effective services, but are also authorized.

Surcation® is one such true helper which has teams of experienced individuals who have been dealing in the field since a long time. The company, which is an authorized medical tourism company, is aware of all terms and conditions related to medical outsourcing in India, and it also knows the places where patients could find the best treatment and inexpensive medicines.

Using the medical travel services of Surcation®, patients could rely on the company to handle all hectic tasks and processes while concentrating totally on treatment. Surcation® not just helps patients in getting the best treatment in the foreign location, but also takes them to places where they could buy cost-effective medicines. In short, it could be said that the medical travel company takes patients on a tour where they get the best of medical outsourcing India.

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