International medical travel services India

International medical travel services India

How To Get International Medical Travel Services In India

Apart from being home to various cultures, old monuments and some of the most amazing people on the planet, India is a premiere healthcare destination. Its high-qualified doctors and health experts are not just healing the nation’s patients, but also provide their services to international patients. Every year, several patients from across the globe come to avail their international medical travel services India offers.

Why India for Medical Tourism


  • In additions to effective treatment, the medical services in the South Asian country are cheaper than other developed nations. Whether it’s about a surgery or treatment of deadly medical conditions, like hepatitis C, India has cost-effective procedures to treat them.
  • As the health care cost in the US and other developed nations is skyrocketing, many patients are having medical tours to India, where the cost of drugs and surgeries is lower than other nations.
  • Hospitals in India have high-quality and latest equipments to treat a disease.

How To Reach India

Many medical tourism companies are helping patients in getting international medical travel services in India without any hustle. They are not just taking care of a patient’s medical needs during the tour, but also manage their ticket booking, hotel stay and several other things that could be a problem for a patient.
One such medical tourism company is Surcation®. The American based service provider is registered with the Medical Tourism Association (MTA) and provides its cost-effective and useful tourism services to clients. They are well known in the US for offering tours and medical tourism services for the best treatment for Hepatitis C in India where the drug prices are low. In additions to that, the company also provides services linked to cosmetic, dental or orthopedic needs of a patient at affordable rates.

Surcation® has links with experienced medical experts in India who provide effective medical services to patients from all across the globe at cost-effective prices. Apart from that, the company provides transparency related to treatment and its procedure.

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