Hepatitis C USA

Hepatitis C USA

Medical tourism: Blessing for hepatitis C patient in the US

For a very long time, hepatitis C created lots of problems of the US health industry. It not only affects the liver but also kidney and pancreas. Till now people had to take medications that provided relief but also caused side effects. For instance, ribavirin and interferon were to be consumed for 6 pills per day. As a result, people were over drugged and the substances took a toll on their health.
A single tablet of Harvoni® is enough for the patients affected with hepatitis C. In order to cure the disease, patients, and the doctors should know the different genotypes of Hepatitis. Without prior knowledge, they are not able to get and administer the required treatment. Buying the medicine in the US could prove to be quite difficult as far as the expenditure is concerned. Not many people can afford the 8 weeks treatment that runs in hundreds and thousands of dollars.

In comes the medical tourism and patients now see a ray of hope to live a long life at reduced expenses. You can scout for the best hospitals in Asia at cheaper rates compared back home. Not only the medicines will be available at discount but the whole medical infrastructure of the health care providers meets the expectations of the patients.

The trick is to find the right type of company that can arrange the tour and treatment at a desirable price. Patients are afraid of the travel logistics that if an efficient agency takes charge, they can focus on the treatment. Specialists would analyze the patient history however one should provide all the information to the doctor before starting with treatment.
Complex issues related to the liver are resolved at nominal charges. Five-star treatments ensure that you are fit and fine after the onset and elimination of the disease.

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