Hepatitis C treatment on the Horizon

Hepatitis C treatment on the Horizon

For past many years, treatment of Hepatitis C included pills and injections with severe side effects but since October 2014, the treatment of Hepatitis C became much less complicated thanks to this wonderful breakthrough in medical science.
According to Dr Thomas D. Boyer, MD, the director of Liver Research Institute in University of Arizona Medical center in Tucson, more and more pharmaceutical companies are working hard to roll out newer and advanced drugs for curing hepatitis C.

Advancement with One Pill Treatment

Ledipasvir and Sofosbuvir are together available under the brand name Harvoni and is approved by FDA to be used as a single pill a day for the treatment for Hepatitis C Virus. This wonder drug has minimal side effects and has a very high cure rate. It can take from 8 to 24 weeks to completely cure the virus in a patient. The recovery rate may vary from person to person, depending on their health condition and genotype. This drug can be given without adding interferon to the prescription. The absence of interferon makes treatment much easier as the later had to be given in the form of an injection every week and caused many severe side effects among the patients.
According to Dr. Jonathan M. Fenkel, Director, Hepatitis C centre at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, the doctors are pretty excited about the new line of treatment. Not only is the treatment easy for the doctors but the patients are also at ease. The cure rate and recovery rate have improved drastically and side effects have also reduced significantly.

Breakthroughs in the Pipeline

Just like Harvoni, which is also referred to as cocktail therapy by the doctors, many similar drugs are going to be approved by the FDA in the coming years that will make the treatment for hepatitis C more effective. The scientists are trying to completely eliminate the use of injections for treating hepatitis C and shift the line of treatment to single pill a day programs.
HCV genome is a non structural protein and has versatile functions. This makes it a challenge for a single drug to cure the patient easily. Multiple drugs however, will improve the efficiency of the treatment on the whole and this breakthrough is just in the pipeline as yet. When multiple drugs will be used to execute hepatitis C virus, the virus will not be able to mutate or get immune to one single drug.

Cost considerations
As of now, the treatment for Hepatitis C is quite expensive but with significant advancements in medical science, a lot has been going on to reduce the cost factor. Interferon, harvoni and many other Hepatitis C drugs are extremely expensive and many times patients are not able to get the insurance benefits too but with newer drugs rolling out soon, patients can be relieved of the hefty medical expenses and treatment cost.

What to Expect in the Future
Apart from the significant reduction in price, patients can also expect to get more advanced medications that will reduce the recovery time, improve the cure rate and significantly reduce the side effects of the medicines. Also, the relief from being injected the medicine regularly is also anticipated.
According to Polyak, Hepatitis C mutates and builds resistance to the drug which makes it difficult to eliminate the virus completely from the body of the patient. That is why it is important to target on inventing drugs that target the cell instead of targeting the virus which can regenerate and reproduce at a fast pace.

Umbrella Treatment Anticipation
Right now, there are different medications for different genotypes but in the future, we can expect hepatitis C drugs that will be able to cure various types of Hepatitis C such as genotype 1, 2 and even 3. According to Dr. Norah A. Terrault, from the University of California, it will be a big leap when the doctors will be able to cure various patients of Hepatitis C with one single medicine.

Optimism Vaccine
Once the scientists are able to successfully create and get approved a vaccine for Hepatitis C, we will soon be able to hope for eliminate and abolish this virus from the entire world. Apart from the hope to create the patients more easily and quickly, we can also stay optimistic about preventing this disease absolutely. Polyak says the work is already on in this arena as the doctors feel they need to eradicate the disease completely and curing the patients alone might not be a great help anymore.

Hepatitis C Medical Tourism Package India

We have put together is a complete turnkey package that will give everyone in need the ability to travel to India and receive their health changing medication. The trip is 7 days and all-inclusive except for lunch and dinner meals.

The package includes the following:

  1.  A round trip flight from the USA, Canada, or Latin American countries to Mumbai, India from their nearest international airport. (If the traveler requires an additional flight to an international airport that fee will be added). Travelers will be required to obtain their own passports and Indian Tourist Visa in advance of purchasing their airline tickets. We can assist in this process.
  2.  Personal pick-up at the airport and transportation to their executive suite hotel.
  3.  Pre-set medical appointments with a Doctor of Hepatology be arranged and their transportation to and from the hotel with a personal guide is included.
  4.  The doctors fee and blood work are all included. An MRI will be included if needed.
  5. The 84-day supply of either Sofosbuvir+Ledipasvir or Sofosbuvir+Daclatasvir as required for the patient’s genotype of HEP C is included and given to the patient after the physician’s examination. They will also receive a prescription from the Doctor.
  6.  They will be driven back to their hotel until their return flight at which transportation is provided.
  7.  A personalized itinerary will be presented to each client including items they may wish to bring with them. They may have the extra time to explore Mumbai India and enjoy the genuine hospitality of the Indian people. We refer to this as a “Medical Adventure” because India is a place that you have to experience to believe. The food is amazing, traffic is unbelievable and the sights and sounds will be memorable for a lifetime. If wanted, we will arrange for the clients can get a chauffeured automobile for an 8-hour day costing around $20.00.
  8.  A full buffet breakfast will be included for each day while at the hotel. Additional meals will the responsibility of the traveler. The hotel offers 24-hour room service. The concierge service is similar to that found in 5 star hotels in the USA. The hotels attention to detail and the multitude of extras, daily newspapers, all bathroom supplies, blow-dryer, iron, and refrigerator will make the guests not want to leave. Laundry service is also available at a very low cost. The rooms are also equipped with large flat screen TV’s and cable service.


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