Hepatitis C Treatment India

Hepatitis C Treatment India



Hepatitis C is turning out to be a life threatening disease in India as well as globally. The number of people getting affected by the disease is increasing in an alarming manner. This is a viral ailment that majorly affects the functioning of the liver. Warning signs and symptoms appear in the body. These warning signs may appear immediately on contracting the virus for some persons and has a delayed appearance for some others.

There are no preventive vaccines available for this disease. People can avoid being affected by the disease by taking caution not to share injections and needles with infected persons. This disease is contagious only through blood and not by physical touch or sharing food or water. One should also be careful while blood transfusion and make sure that infected blood is not donated.

The treatment for hepatitis C in India is available in two forms. One is the medicine that has been invented by Gilead Sciences Inc and manufactured by leading Indian pharmaceutical companies under the licensing of the company that invented the drug. Another is the ayurvedic treatment that is found along with the drug and is taken up together with the medicine. The drug is found to have a 90% chance of cure in infected people. This treatment is available in India for a cost much lesser than in comparison to other countries. This is because the drug is manufactured by Indian companies and is considered to be a generic medicine. So to avail treatment from India, one has two options to choose from. The first one is to order the medicine online and make it available at the doorstep in any nation. Many online pharmaceuticals are providing this option. But there is a risk of sending across duplicate medicines by unauthorised companies. The second option is that the patient can avail surgical vacation to India where one can be diagnosed and treated for the ailment as well as enjoy the magical sights and sounds of this multi-cultural nation.

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