Hepatitis C Prevention

Hepatitis C Prevention

Hepatitis C Prevention: Methods To Prevent The Infection

According to a WHO report, the world has around 130 million to 150 million patients of chronic Hepatitis C. Many of them lead to serious liver damage or liver cancer. Although it’s a deadly infection, we don’t have a vaccine that could prevent it. But pharma giants have developed some medicines that could help fight the infection.

However, the best is to stay away from getting the infection. In order to reduce your risks of contracting the deadly infection, you must follow instructions such as:

  • Contaminated needle share is one of the most common causes of getting the infection, so make sure that you’re not sharing a needle that has been used before. Such a case may occur while having a tattoo. In addition, avoid sharing cotton and spoon.
  • If you are a health worker, ensure that you are following all safety measures. For example, before making a contact with any infected surface, wear protective gloves and use safe methods. In addition, discard contaminated needles properly.
  • If you are getting a tattoo, make sure that the artist is using a new and uncontaminated needle. Plus, don’t forget to check safety measures that the individual is following during the procedure.

As it is not easy to shun all the Hepatitis C risks, some people may develop the infection. If you have contracted Hepatitis C, make sure that you’re not going to be a cause of its spread. Here’s how you can prevent it from spreading:

  • When you are taking Hepatitis C medicines or injecting needles, don’t share things like needle and cotton. In addition, you should avoid sharing water and your spoon with others.
  • If you’ve cuts or scrapes, make sure that they are covered all the time. Plus, if you’re using a band-aid, don’t forget to discard it properly.
  • As Hepatitis C could be spread in many ways, including blood and sex, don’t donate blood or sperm.
  • If you come in contact with your blood, wash your hands properly before contacting others.
  • Avoid shares things that somehow have a link with your blood.

Some people have confusion over whether a mother with Hepatitis C should breastfeed her baby or not. Experts say breastfeeding doesn’t transfer the infection from the mother to her baby. But they also believe that breastfeeding should be avoided if a mother has cracked nipples as it may lead to the virus in baby.

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