Hepatitis C Medical tourism India

Hepatitis C Medical tourism India

The Ever Increasing Hepatitis C Medical Tourism In India

Medical tourism is a practice of crossing international borders in order to receive special medical treatment or care. Although there has been no formally accepted definition of medical tourism, but it is all about travelling to place other than your place of residence to receive special medical care. It has been a trend since ages to travel to some other place in search for better options, be it anything. It was even practiced by our Greek pilgrims some thousand years ago who used to cross borders in search for better medical solutions.

Hepatitis C is such disease that everyone dreads, even its name, its deadly. The worst part is there is no treatment discovered yet to completely cure the disease. Only a few countries manufacture the medicine which is claimed to cure the disease, but that too not completely. The medications available to treat this disease in other countries are extremely expensive. Sometimes it’s the cost factor due to which people prefer travelling to some other place for the treatment and sometimes other factors like special care and attention influences the choices to travel. The ever increasing hepatitis C medical tourism India is attracting due to the availability of comparatively cheap medications is commendable.

Medical tourism has a great scope particularly in India, due to availability of certain medical herbs that are known to grow only in India. Moreover, the records show us that in developed countries the proportion of population above 60 years of age has been on a constant increase, therefore the demand for medical services too has increased. Also, India has the highest number of medical professionals as compared to the other countries. The best thing about travelling to India for medical treatment is the availability of well qualified medical professionals, low medication costs and you get to see the beautiful India along with your treatment. Same is the case with Hepatitis C medicine; India is the only country to manufacture generic Harvoni® known to treat this disease.

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