Hepatitis C infection is found highest in Older People and Elderly

Hepatitis C infection is found highest in Older People and Elderly

All About Ageing and Hepatitis C?


Prevalence of hepatitis C is the highest in people born between 1945 and 1965 who are called baby bloomers. It is curable but unfortunately goes undiagnosed most of the time. A record number of ageing population will be living with HCV if the ongoing pattern continues.
The elders are at disadvantage compared to the younger generation because:

The older people affected with HCV have worse prognosis and are at a higher risk of developing Cirrhosis. Increasing age accelerates the ill effects of hepatitis C. A younger person may live for years with little liver damage. Decline in immune system causes increases the chances of fibrosis in older people.

In worst cases of Chronic hepatitis C, patients are advised liver transplant that depends on their age. The older the person, lesser the chances of transplant.

However, remarkable progress in the field of treatment have improved the chances of recovery even in older patients.Hepatitis C treatment is covered under Medicare but the cover may be insufficient and the difference in amount needs to be borne by the patient. It is imperative to know the coverage details even before the actual treatment commences. One may contact a patient assistance program if the co-pay is unaffordable and request help. One need not panic as it is not so difficult to seek financial help.Clinical trials are an option if one cannot afford hep C treatment. However, they are time-consuming and some drugs may cause side effects. They generally have age limits for such trials.If both the options of co-pay and clinical trial are non-viable, patient assistance program can be consulted who give suggestions on alternate coverage for a year. The premium rates may be higher but it will all be worth it if HCV treatment is totally covered.

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