Hepatitis C drugs for South America

Hepatitis C drugs for South America

South America Not A Cost Effective Choice For Hepatitis C Drugs

Global Burden Of Hepatitis C
If we consider estimations, around 2%–3% of the population worldwide is hit by hepatitis C virus (HCV). However, the actual burden of the disease isn’t really known in a number of countries. As per the WHO, more than half a million people lose their lives to Hepatitis C annually.

What’s Hindering Hepatitis C Cure? High Costs?

The cost of two mainly used hepatitis C treatments is unaffordable for the citizens of many countries. The number of people in need of hepatitis C treatment is difficult to measure.
The drug named Generic Harvoni® is highly recommended for hepatitis C because it possesses more than 90% cure rate. But, the issue is the price tag it carries along. In most parts of the world, the cost of the drug is out of reach, so how most people can think of buying it. If we talk about the cost of hepatitis C drugs for South America, it is way too much as compared to many other countries like India.
Harvoni® carries a $94,500 price tag for standard 12-week treatment, which makes it among the world’s most expensive medicines. It is costliest in the US. The price of Hepatitis C drugs for South America is quite high, prompting a question in the minds of many people that what can be done in such a distressing scenario? There must be places offering the treatment at a bit reasonable rates.

Choose India for Harvoni®

When it comes to Harvoni® price, opt for India, here’s why:

  • The country holds lot of significance due to comparatively reasonable price tags it offers.
  • In India, Harvoni® costs less than $1000, which is very less if we look around in the world.
  • Huge discounts on hepatitis C drugs make huge numbers of sick people in South America opt medical tourism and travel thousands of miles to India.
Onset of Medical Tourism and Surcation®

There is a company named Surcation® meant for anybody looking forward to travel abroad and wants to save money on medical treatment. Expensive hepatitis C drugs have brought the practice of medical tourism in trend. In South America, medication is a costly affair, but Surcation® makes sure the patients engage in medical tourism, enjoy vacation post treatment or surgery at comparatively negligible cost.
It believes in making patients relax and recuperate after treatment and dive into the beautiful aura of the destination. The company offers medical tourism package, wherein the applicant doesn’t need to bother about booking and medical care.

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