Hepatitis C Drugs For North America

Hepatitis C Drugs For North America

How To Cut Cost of Hepatitis C Drugs For North America

An earlier study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported that the number of deaths linked to hepatitis C has been rising drastically in the US and other developed countries. The new finding is surprising because hospitals and healthcare providers have hepatitis C drugs for North America, but still many sufferers are not using them. The reason could be the higher cost of the life-saving drug.

Cost of Hepatitis C Drugs

It has been a problem in the North America continent since a long time. People with hepatitis C are forced to spend a huge part of their hard-earned money to survive the condition. How much does the effective Harvoni® cost in the US and other parts of the globe? And what could the most helpful solution to deal with the deadly infection? If actual figures are taken, Harvoni® comes with a price tag of around $94,500 for standard 12-week treatment. It is really a high treatment in the continent to afford.
Not just the US, but other North American nations like Canada also have Harvoni® with an expensive price tag. Apart from that, other nations like the UK, Germany and Egypt are also selling the drug at high prices.

How to Cut Cost

How to get an off on Harvoni®, or how the drug’s cost could be cut? The simplest and most effective way is medical tourism. India is one of those nations in the world where the price of the drugs is lower than cost of hepatitis C drugs for North America. Companies like Surcation® provide medical tourism to their clients and put them at ease. From booking tickets of the client, searching for the best doctor in the area to hotel stay, everything is handled by the company. They provide effective services to make sure that the client is just focusing on his health, and the rest of the hustle is handled by them.

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