Hepatitis C Drugs For Latin America

Hepatitis C Drugs For Latin America

Provision of Hepatitis C Drugs For Developed Nations in The West

Prevalence of Hepatitis C virus (HCV) has become a growing public health concern all over the world. Around 7.8 million people were estimated through a study to be infected with HCV in Latin America in 2010. Over 4.6 million of these were expected to be facing with genotype 1 chronic HCV.
The U.S. is a hub for medicine, with various effective therapies becoming available with time. While the U.S. boasts of a number of renowned doctors and surgeons, it is also the costliest nation when it comes to medicine. The same applies to the medicines of HCV, which are provided at an extremely high rate in the U.S. There are various countries all over the world which offer equally effective medicine and treatment but at a cheaper rate.

If you are looking for Hepatitis C drugs for Latin America, India is one such country which provides Generic Harvoni® at just $1495 compared to the enormously higher rate of Harvoni® available under different brands in the U.S. and Latin America. Since the license of manufacturing the generic version of Harvoni® lies only with India at the moment, people from the western countries prefer getting the medicine and treatment from India only. This practice has given birth to medical tourism being much more prevalent in India especially for patients suffering from HCV.

If you are diagnosed with HCV, getting the treatment for the same from India at a lower cost would be more viable. Mumbai city in India offers some of the best Hepatologist and Hepatitis C treatment facilities. Since there are various other expenses involved with a condition other than the prescribed medicines, it would be better to get in touch with a medical tourism company that would guide you all along your journey for the treatment. Surcation® is one such reliable company which covers all the medical expenses and takes care of the transportation while enabling the patient to rejuvenate in this spiritual country.

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