Hepatitis C Causes and Cure USA

Hepatitis C Causes and Cure USA



Hepatitis C is the inflammation of the liver due to viral infection. The virus that causes this infection is called hepatitis C virus (HCV). This disease is contagious meaning it is passed from person to person. It is contracted by the persons coming into contact with infectious fluid and secretions from some other person who is already affected by the disease. Even when comes into contact with blood or other infected body fluids or when needles are shared. The symptoms and signs of HCV include fatigue, muscle aches, tenderness in the upper abdomen; yellow tinge to the skin, eyes and urine; and light coloured bowel movements. This disease can be diagnosed based on history of exposure, or by the symptoms or by positive blood tests.

There are many approved antiviral drugs as cure for the disease prescribed by the specialists who treat this viral infection. These include epclusa, zepatier, daklinza, harvoni, viekira, technivie and many more drugs. These drugs should be administered with proper routine and not like the antibiotics prescribed for bacterial infections. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States is the sole authority that decides on whether the drugs can be consumed or not. However there are no vaccinations for this disease.

The most prescribed drug for the cure of hepatitis C is harvoni®. India is known as the “pharmacy to the world” especially to this disease as India has the licence to manufacture the drug. The patients who want to cure themselves from this disease are ready to take a surgical vacation offered by surcation.com to India. This vacation not only pre-sets the appointments with preferred doctors but also arranges stay at four star hotels with or without the spouse. And the final part includes sight-seeing around the city of Mumbai. All this happens at a discounted cost.

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