Hepatitis C Causes and Cure India

Hepatitis C Causes and Cure India

Hepatitis C Causes and Cure in India

Hepatitis C Virus is a virus that affects the liver and causes both chronic and acute hepatitis infections. Hepatitis C is an infectious disease. At the initial stage, people have no symptoms or mild. It is a bloodborne virus and enters in our body due to inadequate sterilization of medical equipment, unsafe injection practices, and transfusion of unscreened blood and blood products.
If you do not concern about this disease, it develops liver cancer. Due to hepatitis C disease approximate 700,000 people die every year. 90% people cure of hepatitis C virus by taking antiviral medicines on time. Our company is a medical tourism company.

Hepatitis C Viral Causes

It is caused by blood-to-blood contact. It is an RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) Virus. This virus enters healthy person’s body from the infected person through blood. By sharing needles of HCA infected virus, the healthy person also gets infected.
In one dot of blood carries hundreds of HCA particles. It is not visible through naked eyes. If you are trying to clean the needle with water and soap, this virus will not kill. A person who injects drugs also infected with this virus.

Cure For Hepatitis C in India

The treatment for Hepatitis C is very expensive. Ribavarin and pegylated interferon are very costly and are affordable in Govt. Hospitals. For the past years, this treatment was very expensive in India. But now, treatment, medicines are available at very low cost from other countries. The patients from other countries like USA, Australia, Canada and European Countries come to India for treatment.
Harvoni® is an antiviral drug that is used for curing Hepatitis C. The treatment of HCV in India is at very reasonable price. You cannot use the harvoni® drug without doctor subscription. It may affect your body.

Medical tourism is an international non-profit trade association for medical tourism. Our company is also a member of this association. We also arrange for passport, visa, accommodation, flight tickets, hotel, and hospital appointment.

What Surcation Offers To Patients Searching Cure For Hepatitis C in India

Being home to booming medical sector, India is among those few nations around the world where chronic Hepatitis C could be cured at low prices, thanks to its number of hospitals with facilities to treat the infection and companies with valid license to manufacture Hep C drugs. This is the reason many Hep C patients visit the South Asian country to treat their infection.

We, being a renowned and one of the most trustworthy medical tourism companies, offer a range of services to our clients who are looking for the effective services to treat Hepatitis C causes and cure in India. Here’s what we offer:

Comfortable and Cost Effective Tour

As a patient is visiting foreign country to treat their disease, it is necessary for them to focus on the treatment. Surcation believes in making things easy for a patient by managing their every hectic work of travel, ranging from ticket booking to scheduling a meeting with expert in a hospital at foreign location. The company also ensures that all the services that the patient is going to get are not just the best, but cost-effective too.

Money-saving Services

We understand that a patient is traveling abroad to treat their condition at affordable prices, so we offer services that could also let patients see the gap between treatment in the US and the other nation.

A Well-educated Management Team

We have a team of skilled and experienced professionals who have been working in the medical arena of the US, Thailand, Mexico, India, Costa Rica and France since a long time. They know how and where a patient could treat their disease at cost-effective prices.

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