Hepatitis C Aid Thailand

Hepatitis C Aid Thailand

Hepatitis C Aid Thailand- Is An Autoimmune Disease


Hepatitis C is an autoimmune disease and is a blood transmitted viral disease that can be caused by sharing of needles, blood transfusion, using contaminated water of human fecal matter or animals dirty water. It’s a silent disease and most times the symptoms are not clearly seen in the patient. It can well be taken for any of the general illness symptoms like fatigue, joint pain, etc. Hepatitis C can get really serious if not detected on a very timely basis. Although, in most cases the symptoms are very negligible and the disease goes away after some years while in some cases it could be life threatening.

There is lot of misunderstandings with regards to this deadly disease. Its not transferred through simply hugging, sneezing, coughing, etc. the main cause of this disease is blood transfusion that is having unprotected sex, sharing of needles, being careful of open wounds and the use of contaminated water of human and animals fecal matter. The disease is spread through the blood of an infection person’s blood. The best precaution a person can take is to avoid using same razors, nail clippers, toothbrushes, etc. Other precaution that can be taken is not sharing needles and other equipments with people. If people are doing drugs, they should not use same injections. It could be avoided by not donating blood, semen, tissue or any organs. Always be careful of open blood wounds, blisters, cuts or sores. It’s a good practice to dispose off the tampons, tissues, sanitary napkins and bandages.

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