Hepatitis C Aid South East Asia

Hepatitis C Aid South East Asia

Hepatitis C Is A Kind Of Silent Disease


It’s an autoimmune disease that passes from one person to other who shares needles and drugs. It can also be transmitted through having unsafe sex with multiple partners having STD and HIV infections. Hepatitis could be transferred from a mother to her child; a pregnant mother can transfer this viral infection to her unborn child. It can get other person infected with infected blood transfusion. If anyone ever face with any serious symptoms of Hepatitis, though symptoms are very negligible and can easily be neglected for a normal fever. It is important to keep tab on health and get the treatment started as sooner it is detected.

Hepatitis C is not caused by hugging, coughing, sneezing, sharing of dishes, water or food. It doesn’t even happen by a casual contact. The main mode of transfusion is the blood. It spreads through using razors; nail clippers, toothbrushes, etc. It is the best possible idea to not share needles or any other medical equipment with anyone. Hepatitis C virus has high genomic variability and there are six different types and sub-types that been lately discovered. The analysis of HCV RNA that is obtained from 67 clinical serum samples from south East Asian countries like Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and South Korea have been investigated. The samples noted the presence of unique nucleotide and deduced amino acid in every isolate. This states they have seen remarkably less amino acid sequence variation amongst the isolates of same genotypes.

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