Hepatitis C Aid South America

Hepatitis C Aid South America

Hepatitis C is a chronic liver illness and is caused by HCV virus.


Almost 3.5 million people suffer from this deadly viral disease in the US alone. It’s a blood-transmitted disease and there can be cases of acute and chronic liver diseases. Almost, 70 to 80% of people with the disease do not find any symptoms of the disease in them. This phenomenon is termed as silent or invisible disease; in majority of the cases there are no symptoms that are readily seen in the patient. When a person is infected with Hepatitis, it causes liver disease and in many rare cases also causes liver Cirrhosis. Chronic infection is almost cured up to 90% in most cases and in some cases of liver cirrhosis a transplant is required.

The symptoms of this disease are not readily seen in the patient and they are neither seen as prominent. It showcases rare symptoms, which leads to late detection of the disease on the target. Some symptoms include mild flu that can easily be mistaken into general mild cold or flu. Other symptoms of Hepatitis virus are fatigue, fever, joint pain, muscle pain, yellowing of skin and eyes, dark urine, nausea, itchy skin and poor appetite of the person. Most of these symptoms go undetected and it can manifest over a period of six to seven weeks from exposing the virus.

It’s a recently invented disease in the late 1980s and still in the stage of research and development. There has been no vaccine to protect oneself from this deadly illness and the research is underway. Surcation® provides medical tourism; there are varied packages to select from. A 7-day package includes a round trip flight from USA, Canada, Latin American countries to Mumbai. Surcation® provides a complete medical relief while you enjoy your vacation and also getting the treatment done in the best hospitals in the foreign locations. Our services include everything, right from starting of your blood test work to hospital stay, taking care of the bills and medication. Our services are even extended beyond the time period of 7 days and supply Sofosbuvir and Ledipasvir and Daclatasvir along with the prescription for the patients who are identified as genotype of Hepatitis C.

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