Hepatitis C Aid North America

Hepatitis C Aid North America

Hepatitis C Aid North America – Cured Of The Disease


Hepatitis C is a viral disease infecting the liver and over a period of time it can lead to Cirrhosis, liver failure and liver cancer. The symptoms of having Hepatitis C are very negligible and normal people wont even know that they are contracted with this disease, unless the time it becomes too serious. There are successfully cases, in which people having Hepatitis C were fully cured of the disease. Some people contract it for life long and it is a life threatening disease. The symptoms are too mild to have a headache, fatigue, joint pain that are usual pains in our daily lives too. A proper diagnosis and tests can only state if the person has Hepatitis C.

The most common symptoms are joint pain, fatigue, itchy skin, dark urine, sore muscles, belly pain, jaundice, etc. the people who are infected with this disease for a short while do not showcase any such symptoms but in some cases they are very prominent to see. It is a serious disease and can be life-threatening. People, who develop Cirrhosis get redness on the palms due to expansion of blood vessels, swelling of belly, feet and the legs, shrinking of the muscles, damage to the brain and nervous systems. The damage to the brain can cause a lot of confusion and memory concentration problems may evolve. There are cases of long-term cirrhosis and it can cause serious case for hepatitis, which is life endangering. It is very common for people to have contracted Hepatitis C for long years without knowing about disease. So, by the time people actually find out, it has passed on to long-term hepatitis and may have become a chronic infection. The antiviral medicines can fight the infection and can prevent serious liver problems like cancer.

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