Hepatitis C Aid Mexico

Hepatitis C Aid Mexico

Hepatitis C Aid Mexico- Symptoms


Hepatitis C is the inflammation of the liver and the common symptoms include illnesses like severe fatigue and vomiting. The virus is transmitted through blood contact with an infected person. It’s an autoimmune disease caused by viral infestation. The most common 5 types of Viral Hepatitis are Types A, B, C, D and E. the most common types are A, B and C. sometimes, these viral infections disappear without any treatments but in some cases, it stays in the blood causing chronic pain and infection. Some people having Hepatitis infection may not show case any symptoms of the virus. The common appearance of the symptoms includes Jaundice, loss of Appetite, Abdominal pain, Diarrhea and fever.

Hepatitis C can be caused by the use of drugs, alcohol or other toxic material. The bacteria, parasites or viruses that are harmful for the immune system, can also cause it; in such cases the body attacks the liver. Its an autoimmune disease and is one of the most common types of illness. Hepatitis A and Hepatitis E are the short-term viral infections; they are typically transmitted through transfusion of blood from one person to the other. Hepatitis A and E are short-term viral infections, they are transmitted through food and water and most times they are water contaminated by fecal matter according to the world health organization. The primary source of hepatitis viruses are undercooked or raw food, food that has been handled by people with dirty hands or using of water that is contaminated by animal or a human waste. It is rare to find people affected by Hepatitis E in the US but is common in other parts.

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