Hepatitis C Aid India

Hepatitis C Aid India



Hepatitis C is a viral infection that affects the blood stream and enters the liver and causes inflammation in the liver. People in every nation are getting affected by this deadly disease including India. In India almost 1 lakh of the population are affected by the HCV.

Once a person is affected by the disease, the symptoms are shown from the beginning. Once the person is chronically affected, the liver is scarred completely and leads cirrhosis of the liver. The basic symptoms usually occur after four to six weeks from when a person is infected by the virus.

The symptoms may range from mild to severe and may include some or all of the below symptoms:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Weakness and fatigue
  • Pain in the abdominal area especially around the liver
  • Urine in a darker shade than usual
  • Jaundice symptoms – yellowish skin colour and the whites of the eye
  • Muscle ache and joint pain

The major cause of the disease getting spread is blood to blood contact from an infected person to a healthy person. Contamination of the injecting equipment, sharing needles and injections or blood contact on open wounds are some of the causes by which the disease spreads. There are no vaccinations available around the world for the prevention of this deadly viral infections. However the treatment for the affected people is available everywhere. But this treatment seems to be less expensive in India when compared to other nations of the world. A company called Gilead Sciences Inc has patented a drug called Harvoni® which is one of the first drugs that is taken once a day for a period of 8, 12 or 24 weeks depending on the severity of the disease. People from other nations are ready to take a vacation to India to avail the treatment at a lower cost as well as to enjoy the beauty of the nation.

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