Hepatitis C Aid Eastern Asia

Hepatitis C Aid Eastern Asia

Hepatitis C Aid Eastern Asia- Causes


Hepatitis C is a blood transmitted viral disease; it infects the cells of the liver. It may occur to people by transmission of diseased blood or sharing of the same needles or injecting the equipment that is contaminated with the blood traces. In some cases, it has been found that the people clear themselves of the disease because of the strong immunity. Also, in some cases it has been found that people having persistent infection are free of any Hepatitis symptoms and for others it may be naturally occurring that they posses Hepatitis C. The person having persistent infection may get scarring of the liver thereby giving him liver cancer. In most cases, timely treatment are said to clear the infection. It has been found out almost in half of the cases.

The main function of the liver is to store the fuel for the body that is glycogen that is made from sugars. The stored glycogen helps to process fats and proteins from the food digestion. They help make proteins that are an essential part of the human body especially helps in the digestion of the food. So basically liver is the living function of the body by which we process food and helps to remove poisons and toxins from the body. Hepatitis is nothing but inflammation of the liver, the main cause of Hepatitis is drinking too much of alcohol and consuming too many varied medicines and chemicals. The virus that causes Hepatitis is called as Hepatitis C virus commonly termed as HCV. It was discovered in the 1980s so it’s relatively a new disease and still in the process of researching and development and some things relating to this disease is not very clear.

The exact number of people infected with Hepatitis is not yet known but the rough estimates state 180 million people are infected worldwide. The numbers are increasing at an alarming pace. In most cases, it has also been found out that people inject with illegal drugs that is the main cause of transfer of Hepatitis Virus to another person using same needles. The symptoms may or may not be completely seen in the person having Hepatitis C and it may not be formally known till the time a person is diagnosed for the virus. It has high prevalence in East Asia and is being controlled by varied measures.

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