Health Tourism India

Health Tourism India

Importance And Advantages of Health Tourism In India

The growing sector of India, health tourism, or say medical tourism, is estimated to grow more in the future, thanks to its reduced medical costs and international quality standards. The prime reason behind the booming sector in the nation is cost-effectiveness and availability of treatments. A last year report, The Medical Tourism Market Report, showed that the South Asian country is among the highest quality and lowest cost destination for medical tourism.

Why India for Disease-treatment

Every year, several patients from various regions of the globe, including the US and the UK where health care costs are very high, travel to India and receive the most effective and inexpensive treatments. If the treatment cost is compared with the US and the UK, India offers around one-tenth price to a patient. Even after getting affordable services of health tourism India offers, patients may need lots of money. Whether it’s about a surgery, alternative medicine, or treatment of hepatitis C, India has the best options at inexpensive price tags.

How to Get Medical Tourism Services

To avail these advantages, patients have to just visit the country and consult an experienced doctor. This may be a hectic job, which could be made easy by choosing medical tourism services through a registered company, like Surcation®. The Yuma, Arizona-based health tourism company offers its services to American and European patients.
Not just patients, who want a surgery or transplant, could use the company’s services, but also the sufferers of hepatitis C could consult the company to get Harvoni® drug from India at cost-effective prices. As the prices of the drug are very high in the America and Europe, it becomes very difficult for some people to treat the infection. But by going with medical tourism option, a patient can save lots of money, and get an effective treatment. Surcation® handles all hustle of the health tour to India.

Health Tourism: What Makes India A Premier Healthcare Destination?

The growth in healthcare sector of India has attracted patients from various regions of the globe who today visit the South Asian country to get high quality and inexpensive treatment with supreme personal care. In addition to that, zero waiting time in the country’s top hospitals has also benefitted the healthcare tourism India.

Here’re some factors that show why India is a premier healthcare destination today:

High-end Healthcare System

India has the best healthcare system of the modern world, thanks to its increasing number of healthcare facilities. The country has dozens of Joint Commission International accredited hospitals, which have the best healthcare services for patients from all across the globe.
Inexpensive Cure For Diseases Like Hepatitis C
Hepatitis C, which is an emerging problem for a number of developed nations’ health sector, could be cured in India at cost-effective prices. As the South Asian country has many pharmaceutical companies that manufacture generic version of Harvoni, chronic Hep C could be treated at much lesser prices in India.

Finest Doctors And Cutting Edge Technology

India has one of the best doctors in the world who utilize frontier technology in recognized hospitals to treat a disease. They know how exactly to use the modern medical procedures to perform heart surgeries, general surgeries, and cure cancer and hepatitis C.

Cost-effective Medicines

In India, drugs can be bought at inexpensive prices, especially medicine for hepatitis C. It is because per capita income in India is low as compared to nations like the US and the UK. In addition, there’re a number of renowned pharmaceutical firms which manufacture the drugs there.
Previous Medical Traveler’s Success Stories
People who recently visited India are satisfied with the treatments they receive there, especially those who came to the nations to treat hepatitis C infection.

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