Harvoni® Prices USA

Harvoni® Prices USA


Harvoni® is the drug that is the cure available for the viral infection of the liver HEPATITIS C. This causes damage to the liver to such an extent that when not treated, it may even lead to transplantation.

This drug is a patented drug of the company Gilead Sciences Inc. This was the first drug invented as a treatment for HCV as a single drug i.e. taking a single pill per day for the entire schedule of the treatment. Treatments previously for this used to be a number of pills plus injections that had to be taken every day.

About 75% of the people of the US are affected by HCV Genotype 1 which can be cured by this drug. But this treatment costs higher in the US when compared to other countries. To reduce the expenditure of the treatment, the affected persons along with their spouse go on surgical vacations to India, where the treatment is much cheaper when compared to their home countries. This is because the drug was patented by the Indian company and is thus able to be produced at a lesser cost. Through companies like SURCATION®, the persons willing to take up the treatment go on vacations to Mumbai. The company arranges for the stay at a 3 star or 4 star hotel based on the request. The appointments with specialist doctors to take up the tests and treatment are pre-arranged after consulting the patients. At the end of the treatment an itinerary is arranged for them to enjoy the sights and sounds of the magical Mumbai city and can leave back to their home completely cured as well as memories. Their minds and bodies would be rejuvenated all at a cost of $5200 if going alone and $6400 if along with spouse as against the $95000 at other places.

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