Harvoni® Prices India

Harvoni® Prices India

India: Rising Destination for medical tourists

Medical tourism is one of the fastest and rapidly growing industries in the world. As today more and more people are looking for ways to get their illness treated at a cheaper cost, medical tourism, today, is emerging as a growing tourism sector in the city.
Medical tourism in India is one of the best in the world considering its medical advancement and researchers. India is emerging out to be the leader when it comes to medical tourism. Medical treatments in India have no waiting lists and overall accessibility of experienced and skilled doctors is remarkable which makes it a preferable choice for getting treatments in India. India, also houses typical plants and herbs which have numerous medicinal properties and are used to cure certain diseases like obesity, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, fracture and lots more. According to The Times of India report, India is ranked among the top 3 medical tourism in Asia. India provides the freshness of greenery and high-quality medical science in affordable cost and the best hospitality.
There are many benefits of choosing India as a place for medical tourism. Here are some of the top reasons:

Specialty Treatment

India is filled with many specialty hospitals, which can provide you with dedicated treatments for your illness. Drugs which cure the diseases are available in India at a cheaper rate than other countries. For example, a new life saving drug, Harvoni® Prices India are 300% less than other countries. If you are suffering from any illness and are looking for specialty treatment, then India is the perfect place for you. The country is filled with very good talent in all parts of the country and facilities that can provide you complete care.

Treatment with Leisure Destination

India is a wonderful tourist destination which provides exotic vacation combined with treatment. There are many places in the country that are the perfect gate-way from your busy hectic lifestyle. If these are combined with good treatment, then India can be a place that can offer you a lot of benefits. All diseases are not cured by medicines. Some have to be treated with delicacy and fitness.
And India is the hub for cleaning the inner aura with Yogasana and Ayurvedic diet. The treatments are cheap and long lasting. Starting from meditation to herbal physiotherapy, India provides a sumptuous platform to come and release all pain. Hence, today, India is titled as ‘International medical travel destination’ for patients probing for world-class rejuvenation.

Low cost consultation

If price is the factor for you then India is an option which you just cannot miss. Harvoni® Prices in India are cheaper than that in a western country. Along with treatment costs, consultation is also a lot cheaper in India than anywhere in the world.

What Makes Harvoni® Cheaper In India Than Other Nations

Growing number of hepatitis C patients in developed nations are traveling to India to get their infection treated effectively and buy life-saving Harvoni® at affordable rates. In India, the drug is around 9% discount of the price in the United States. The 12-week course costs just $900 in India. If you’re in the US, you will have to pay around $84,000 for the same treatment. Here’re some factors that explain why Harvoni® prices India are lower than other nations:

  • Many pharma giants in India are licensed to produce generic version of Harvoni®. To get more and more patients and stay in competition, these companies are dropping prices of the hepatitis C drug prices. Experts say that to attract more hepatitis C patients in foreign locations, these drug suppliers offer exciting, cost-effective deals.
  • Per capita income is lower in India than other developed nations. Indians with hepatitis C need drugs that they could afford. Seeing this, many pharmaceutical companies in the country develop generic version of Harvoni® at affordable prices.
  • Indian medical sector is seeing a boom in the recent few years. Almost every disease’s treatment is more affordable in India than any other nation. There are several hepatitis C experts in the country who treat the infection with the best equipments. Foreigners with hepatitis C infection can not just treat their disease with the best resources, but also get cost-effective hep C medicines after recommendation from these experts.
  • Many medical tourism companies in the developed nations have links with medicine suppliers in India which means patients could buy the generic Harvoni® at cheaper prices than they are sold in the market.

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