Harvoni® India

Harvoni® India

The Availability of Harvoni® in India

When people travel to some other county other than the place they are residing in, to get some medical treatment or extra medical care is known as medical tourism. The concept is not at all new; this has been practiced by our forefathers since time immemorial. People often opt for traveling to some other country for the medical services when the treatment in their country is expensive or not available or when they aren’t just satisfied with the quality of treatment they get there. There are certain diseases and medications that are specifically available in few countries only; hence travel sometimes also becomes a necessity.

Medical tourism has seen a great deal of growth in recent years. People usually travel to a country where they can avail the medical benefits at a cheaper price than in their country. With the growth in medical tourism, many medical tourism companies have sprung up who facilitate the medical travels. Such companies help making the complicated procedures easy for people who wish to travel to some other country for medical treatment or extra care. Surcation®, surgical vacation is one such medical tourism company that provides for the best treatment for Hepatitis C, dental, orthopedic and cosmetic needs at the most affordable prices. They provide for everything related to your medical travels, be it the tips or suggestions for financing your travel or arranging for a decent accommodation.

It has been reported that India’s medical tourists are growing at a rate of 20-25% annually, and the number will increase in the coming years. It is the availability of Harvoni® India is known among Hepatitis patients for, the medicine well known to cure Hepatitic C, at a price cheaper than other countries that attracts most of the medical tourists to India. Team at Surcation® help patients get their hands on the generic version of Hepatitis C medicine, Harvoni® of which only India has the license to manufacture. Go through their website to know in detail about their services and countries they deal in.

Travel With Surcation® To Get Harvoni® In India


  • Although generic Harvoni® is affordable in India, and a patient could get more effective treatment for hepatitis C than in their country, it is not easy for a patient to reach the right place and buy Harvoni® at cost-effective prices.
  • To make the process of reaching India and getting Harvoni® India, a patient could get medical travel services from an authorized service provider such as Surcation®. The certified medical tourism company takes patients on an exotic medical tour to countries where they can treat their diseases and get medicines at affordable prices. The company has links with hepatitis C specialists in India and knows the pharma experts from where cost-effective Harvoni® drug could be purchased.
  • Patients who use the medical travel services of the company are allowed to consult with doctors in India to cure their disease. In addition, the company takes these patients on an adventurous tour where they could explore exotic locations of the country while continuing their treatment there.
  • As the patient is travelling to India to get better treatment facilities than their country and buy generic Harvoni® at affordable prices, Surcation® ensures that all the medical tour services are within the budget. In addition to that, the company works to make sure that the services that the patient is getting are money-saving.
  • Surcation® has a team of experts that stay in touch with the patient during a medical tour and fulfills all the required facilities in a foreign location. Especially in India, the company ensures that a hepatitis C patient is getting all medical facilities easily, and buying generic Harvoni® at very low rates.

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