Harvoni drug for hepatitis C

Harvoni drug for hepatitis C

Current Cost of Harvoni® in the US, Canada, India, Egypt, and Other Major Countries

According to WHO, about 700,000 people die due to Hepatitis C every year, with the Central and East Asia, and Africa being the major areas commonly affected by this disease. Although a vaccine against this virus is yet to be discovered, there are numerous treatments to help cure the disease. Surpassing all the other treatments is a combination of the drugs ledipasvir and sofosbuvir which has success rate of about 93 to 99% for genotype 1. This drug is available by the name of Harvoni® and is the most recommended treatment for Hepatitis C, the only downfall being; the drug is very expensive. As they say all good things come with a hefty price, Harvoni® drug for hepatitis C is one of the most expensive medicines in the world with a price tag of about $94,500 just for a 12-week long treatment. However, the rising need of this useful medicine has implored governments of some countries to lower this hefty price tag for their citizens. Thus, while Harvoni® costs about $94,500 in the US, it is less than 50,000€ in Europe, and a mere $1,000 in India. Let’s take a look at the cost of Harvoni® available in the major countries of the world and find a reasonable price:

Harvoni® is Most Expensive in the US

Amongst the various drug treatments available, the price of Harvoni® is the highest in the US. GoodRx provided a comprehensive review of the prices of this Harvoni® medicine available in various drug stores across the country. According to the list, as of November 2016, the price of a single 28-pill bottle in various pharmacies is as follows: $31,476.50 in Kroger Pharmacy, $32,232.80 at Target (CVS), $32,517.20 at Safeway, $33,275.30 at Walmart, and so on. Since a standard 12-week treatment requires the use of 3 bottles, the overall cost of the drug crosses over $90,000 on average. A useful tip while buying the drug is to compare the prices and then choose the right option as by just picking the right pharmacy, you can still save almost $10,000. The overall expense is still high and since the cost of the Sovaldi pill, which was administered before Harvoni® came in, was about $1000 per pill and about $50,000 per treatment, it further raises questions on the hefty price of the Harvoni® drug.

Low-cost Harvoni® offered by Pharmaceutical Companies

Gilead Sciences, a company which produces Sofosbuvir and Ledipasvir pills Harvoni®, is offering an affordable price of the drug through a co-pay program in an effort to help more people avail the required Hepatitis C treatment. People who are not a part of Medicare are eligible to avail this co-pay program which covers about 25% of the 12-weeek long treatment, thereby enabling one to save more than $20,000. This provision brings the overall cost down to about $75,000 which though is a massive breakdown still brings a welcome relief.

Gilead Sciences used to have a monopoly in the market with their Sovaldia and Hravoni® drugs for Hepatitis C treatment. However, a new competitor named AbbVie has entered the market, launching their own version of Hepatitis C treatment called Viekira Pak. They started selling this drug at $83,318 per the 12-week treatment, which is about $10,000 less than the Harvoni® treatment. Another firm named Beacon Pharma also launched a new drug, Epclusa, for just $74,760.

Cost of Harvoni® in Canada

The healthcare system of Canada is significantly different than that of the US. This brings a difference in the cost of Harvoni® as well wherein most of the expenses on Harvoni® in Canada are covered by the government itself. Some provinces of the country even cover the cost of sofosbuvir and ledipasvir drug for Hepatitis C completely. The provinces which do not cover the expenses fully provide co-pay programs to help assist one in getting the necessary treatment. But keeping these subsidies aside, the cost of Harvoni® in Canada is pretty much the same as that in the US. With a single pill costing about $1000, the standard 12-week treatment comes down to about $84,000.

Cost of Harvoni® and Sovaldi in Egypt

While the US and Canada has about 3% people infected with Hepatitis C, almost 15% of the population of Egypt is affected by this deadly virus. This has thus implored the Egyptian government to negotiate the Harvoni® prices. They were previously successful in bringing down the prices of Harvoni’s predecessor-Solvadi to mere $80 for a bottle or $240 for a whole week treatment. Yes, you can buy Solvaldi in Egypt at a massive 99% discount. The government is now making similar efforts in bringing down the cost of Harvoni as well, and is successful so far. The price offered by Gilead in Egypt is $400 per bottle or $1,200 per 12-week treatment. But the government in Cairo is making efforts to reduce this price even further. The majority of expenses connected with Harvoni® will be largely covered by the Egyptian healthcare system, making Egypt a preferable place for buying cheap Harvoni®. From November 2015 onwards, both Harvoni® and Sovaldi was made available for doctors to prescribe and patients to use.

Hepatitis C Treatment In India- Just $900

No place in the world is better than India when it is about buying Harvoni®. The medicine is affordable in India due to number of manufactures of generic Harvoni® and low income rate in the country. For one bottle of Gilead’s Sovaldi, patients have to pay just $300 or $900 for the treatment course.

Many developed countries around the globe sell hepatitis C drugs at high rates. This is because they don’t have access to low-cost manufacturer and there are many people affected with the disease. In some countries, like the US, the hepatitis C treatment cost goes over $80,000. But in India, the same treatment can be got under $1,000. Many companies in India have started selling the generic versions of Harvoni® at low costs which are attracting medical tourists from all across the globe. In addition, Indian government is also negotiating with these pharmaceuticals companies to provide Harvoni to hepatitis C patients at much lower prices than they were a few years ago.

Condition of Harvoni® in India

Natco Pharma, a renowned pharmaceutical company based in India, is believed to be the real game-changing player in hepatitis C world. In the last quarter of 2015, the pharma giant released the new, more effective generic version of Harvoni®. It is in the market under the brand name ‘Hepcinat’. This version contains 400 mg sofosbuvir and 90 mg ledipasvir. The drug belonging to Natco Pharma is Sovaldi which is capable of treating the infection.

However, foreigners were not considered when permissions were given to Natco Pharma to produce generic version of Sovaldi. Gilead Sciences was aware of the fact that people with hepatitis C in the US and other developed nations will rush to India to get treatment and medicines at less expensive prices, so the generic version was allowed to be given to only Indians with the infection. This is the reason only Indian hepatologist can prescribe the medicine to Indians.

Cost of Harvoni® in Europe

Due to its effectiveness, many hepatitis patients in Europe use Harvoni to treat their infection. Seeing the drug’s demand in the region, Gilead Sciences decided to sell Sovaldi in Europe at around 56,500€ for 12-week treatment. It was an expensive medical course in a region where lots of people were noticing the consequences of hepatitis C. The high Sovaldi prices meant that Europe health care financial system has to spend more money on hepatitis C than other disease. This made France to take a step against the high Sovaldi drug cost in the Europe region.

Cost of Harvoni® in France

By notifying its objection, France became the first country in the Europe which forced Gilead to get on the back foot and think again about price of Sovaldi and Harvoni®. This led to deal with the French government and Gilead. After that, the 12-week treatment cost was 41,000€ in France. Soon after that, France started working on a long-term deal to handle Harvoni® prices in the country and other European regions.

Cost of Harvoni® in Germany

Known as the biggest medical market of Europe region, Germany cracked a deal with Gilead and decided to sell Sovaldi as 41,000€ per treatment.

Although it was a good deal, Germany still kept working on Sovaldi prices. The nation’s regulators have continuously been working to make the hepatitis treatment more affordable and find alternative solution. Merck and Abbott also made efforts to deal with high prices of Harvoni in Germany, and kept on working on their own cost-effective Hepatitis C drugs. Although, these drugs could be affordable, their effectiveness may not be able to match the standard set by Harvoni.

Cost of Harvoni® in the United Kingdom

High Harvoni® price is a matter of concern for many people with hepatitis C in the UK. But healthcare officials in the region are also taking necessary steps to solve the price issue. After a deal, Gilead agreed to sell Sovaldi at of £35,000 per treatment, or at 39,000 British pounds.

What Makes Harvoni® An Effective Treatment?

Undoubtedly, Harvoni® is an effective treatment. For some patients of hepatitis C, it is a wonder drug that works exceptionally. Before the introduction of Sovaldi and Harvoni®, more than half the cases of the infection resulted into unsuccessful results. Hepatitis C had become a deadly disease. People receiving treatment for the infection had to inject daily injections of Interferon which came with some side-effects. Seeing the unsatisfactory results, several players of the medical sector made big investment to find a breakthrough. While looking for new hepatitis C drug, they came to know about sofosbuvir which, today, is used in Sovaldi and Harvoni®. Sovaldi drugs contain 400 mg of sofosbuvir, while the molecule is present along with ledipasvir in Harvoni®. It is said that Harvoni® has a high price tag because there’s no alternative medicine to treat hepatitis C.

The new medicine gives a chance to Gilead to rise in the medical arena. As billions of dollars were invested to develop the game-changing medicine, high cost of Harvoni® could be justified. There’s always a debate over its high price, but as there’s no alternative, a patient has to take the drug to avoid deadly consequences. But still, there are many nations where the drug is inexpensive.



Generic Harvoni® is the medicine that is prescribed in the recent times as cure for the deadly viral liver disease Hepatitis C. This pill is a trademark of the company named Gilead Sciences Inc based in the United States. This is manufactured as a combination of two major ingredients named LEDIPASVIR AND SOFOSBOVIR. All the medicines that were available previously as cure for Hepatitis C were prescribed as multi dose pills along with injections. This pill named HARVONI® is the first invented single pill per day tablet for the cure of Hepatitis C and has also seen results. This medicine is prescribed usually for twelve week duration and has ended with a positive result for almost 90% of the patients. In a few cases with starting stage of HCV, the treatment period may be reduced to eight weeks and in some severe cases, the treatment period may even be increased to twenty four weeks. It is also very important that the person who is affected by the HCV should take the dose without fail and try not to miss even a single dose.

In India, the treatment schedule is same as mentioned. But the expenses incurred for getting treated for HCV is much lesser in India when compared to the other Asian, American and European countries. The reason for the lesser cost of this medicine in this particular nation is that the manufacture of it happens here. Also, since it is considered a generic medicine, the cost of production is also lesser because of easy availability of the ingredients. This medicine is available to Indians and also to people from abroad when they avail the medicines from online pharmacists who are ready to deliver the same at their doorsteps.

Unlike ordering through online pharmacy, buying the hepatitis C cure with doctor’s prescription in India for personal use is 100% legal. We provide a cost-effective solution: access to the latest hepatitis C cure.

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