Harvoni® drug Aid USA

Harvoni® drug Aid USA

How Harvoni® drug is assisting patients in the US?


Discovery of Harvoni® drug has played a very important role in the treatment of Hepatitis C. It consists of two compounds namely ledipasvir and sofosbuvir that are antiviral medications and go a long way in eliminating the growth of the HCV in the human body system. If you are suffering from liver associated disease, consult the physician before popping in the medication.
Medical tourism:

The Higher cost of the medicine has prompted Americans to opt for medical tourism to offshore destination for affordableer treatment options. More than 40 million citizens are uninsured and they have to incur the huge cost of treatment. The quality of the generic medicine for the Hepatitis C is same as that of the patent version. In addition, it doesn’t create a hole in the pocket. Therefore, people can buy the cost effective stuff and get respite from the infection as quickly as possible.

Destination Surcations® LLC is one of the most important companies that combine the international understanding to make the US health care sector more competitive. Availing medical tourism services allows people to get access to affordableer Hepatitis C vaccine for combating the dreaded liver disease.
With prompt attention, the effects of hepatitis C have become the thing of the past. Destination Surcations® LLC is focusing on more than 750,000 patients who are traveling to other countries to get cost affordable health care. In addition, hundreds of thousands of people suffer from hepatitis C and need quick treatment before the disease snowballs into a major issue.

The company is exposing a large number of Americans to the numerous treatment options available in other countries. Not only they are cost effective but also provide state of art comfort to the patients. With medical tourism provided by the organization, you can easily save as much as 70% of the expenditure spent in the US.

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