Harvoni® Cure India

Harvoni® Cure India



Generic Harvoni® is the medicine that is prescribed in the recent times as cure for the deadly viral liver disease Hepatitis C. This pill is a trademark of the company named Gilead Sciences Inc based in the United States. This is manufactured as a combination of two major ingredients named LEDIPASVIR AND SOFOSBOVIR. All the medicines that were available previously as cure for Hepatitis C were prescribed as multi dose pills along with injections. This pill named HARVONI® is the first invented single pill per day tablet for the cure of Hepatitis C and has also seen results. This medicine is prescribed usually for twelve week duration and has ended with a positive result for almost 90% of the patients. In a few cases with starting stage of HCV, the treatment period may be reduced to eight weeks and in some severe cases, the treatment period may even be increased to twenty four weeks. It is also very important that the person who is affected by the HCV should take the dose without fail and try not to miss even a single dose.

In India, the treatment schedule is same as mentioned. But the expenses incurred for getting treated for HCV is much lesser in India when compared to the other Asian, American and European countries. The reason for the lesser cost of this medicine in this particular nation is that the manufacture of it happens here. Also, since it is considered a generic medicine, the cost of production is also lesser because of easy availability of the ingredients. This medicine is available to Indians and also to people from abroad when they avail the medicines from online pharmacists who are ready to deliver the same at their doorsteps.

How To Buy Harvoni® In India

India is the best place in the world to treat hepatitis C infection and buy Harvoni® at affordable rates. But the process to get the medicine involves a procedure that should be followed by everyone.

  • First step involves reaching India though a medical tourism service provider. However, many companies claim to provide the generic Harvoni® online, the best way to treat the infection is travel to India and meet expert on the disease.
  • Instead of contacting Harvoni® sellers directly, a patient should use a medical travel company’s services. It will increase chances of getting the medicine at a more affordable rate.
  • Getting services of a medical travel company, such as Surcation®, is that all the hectic work of the tour, like ticket booking, getting accommodation and finding the cost-effective Harvoni® provider, is handled by them.
  • A medical travel company takes a patient on an adventurous medical journey where the patient concentrates on treatment and enjoys the voyage, while other works are handled by the service provider.
  • Avoid buying Harvoni® online as it may lead to a scam and patient may decrease their chances of getting the money.
  • To get cost-effective Harvoni®, it is necessary to have links with professionals in India. Surcation® is a certified medical tourism company, and knows the places from where generic Harvoni® could be bought at inexpensive prices. In addition to that, the company schedules a patient’s meeting with an expert on hepatitis C, so that important advice could be taken before getting the medicine.
  • After recommendation from the professional and getting generic Harvoni®, the patient should ensure that all the procedures to take the medicine are being followed. To avail the benefits of the hepatitis C drug, one must follow the course.

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