Discounted Harvoni® Medicine From India

Discounted Harvoni® Medicine From India

Surcation® is your medical travel partner helping you to have your vacation along with your surgical treatment.

There are number of destinations to select from, where you can get the best hospitals, doctors and the treatment. The medication costs are rising and so does insurance and in some cases it is not a guaranteed returns on investments for your insurance. Surcation® takes care of all your traveling expense, takes care of bookings, accommodations, hospitals and the treatments. In the home country, if someone tries to get treatment the cost may be multiplied and too much to spend merely on accommodation. We are accredited partners with some of the best hospitals around globally where medical treatments are affordable and with best quality service.

Hepatitis C is a self-generic disease and proper treatment on time can lessen its effects on the body system. Generic Harvoni® is a medicine that is used for treating Hepatitis C. Original Harvoni® medicine may cost you much money for the treatment of Hepatitis C, so people are traveling and getting this medicine from India where generic version is available at a very discounted rate. Medical tourism is at its best when it comes to people traveling for treating Hepatitis C. Today, it is a flourishing business and more and more people are traveling to India to get them treated with and procure generic Harvoni®. It costs merely around $1,000. The major problem faced by people is to decide whether travel all the way to India or procure medicine in their own countries albeit a little higher price.

Procuring Harvoni® is not easy, as it seems to be. For a patient to get this medicine, they should be treated with Indian medical doctor, diagnosis for Hepatitis C should be done and then the prescription can be given. The process of diagnosis may include a series of blood test that needs to be done and also performing a Fibroscan. The paperwork for attaining the Harvoni® drugs from Indian medical doctors includes a written prescription that includes specific tests to confirm the virus with the patient. Most Indian doctors will accept your medical tests done in developed countries like US, Europe, Egypt, Canada and similar so that saves you a lot of time and money.

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